Shipping Policy

Submarine deliver food in central Bangkok from 9am to 7pm everyday except Mondays. All our orders are delivered with Lineman or Grab. Once payment received, expect to see your order within 30mins to 1hour. Some occasional delay may occur (when heavy rain for instance). We will do our best to deliver as fast as possible. 99.9% of our deliveries are smooth and without any issues. However some issues sometimes happens and Submarine will cover the cost of the compensation provided where the customer claim is due to factors that are within its control or responsibility. This typically includes*:
  • Late deliveries due to rider delays

  • Food spilled or damaged in transit (unless due to packaging)

  • Cold food

  • Order not delivered to the customer

  • Customer cancelled order due to rider delays

Feel free to call us or contact us via the form to claim any issues.