Submarine Bangkok: Simply Good Sandwiches

Here at Submarine Bangkok, we enjoy the basics of a good sandwich. Our team puts effort and attention into each creation, guided by our principle, the "Submarine's Way". This philosophy focuses on the careful use of each ingredient, aimed at making a good, satisfying meal.

Focused on Quality Ingredients

We believe a good sandwich begins with good ingredients. We aim to source local, sustainable, and organic ingredients when possible. This practice not only makes our sandwiches feel like home but also allows us to support local producers and contribute to the environment.

The Thought Behind Each Sandwich

We take pride in our sandwich-making process. From our freshly baked artisanal bread to the crisp vegetables and house-made pickles, every ingredient is thoughtfully chosen and prepared. Our aim is to create a tasty and satisfying combination that adds a little joy to your day.

Charcuterie from Maison Fostier

A special touch to our sandwiches is our selection of cured meats, prepared in collaboration with our parent brand, www.maisonfostier.com . These meats are slow-aged without any rush or artificial means, adding a unique, complex flavor to our sandwiches. Whether you prefer traditional cold cuts or something a little more adventurous, we hope you'll appreciate the care we put into our offerings.

Bringing Good Food to Your Home

At Submarine Bangkok, our goal is to make your mealtime at home more enjoyable. We invite you to try our charcuterie sandwiches, prepared with a commitment to quality and a love for the craft. We hope you'll enjoy eating our sandwiches as much as we enjoy making them.