Bread Talk

Bread Talk

At Submarine, we understand the importance of using high-quality ingredients, especially when it comes to the bread that forms the foundation of our sandwiches. That's why we've partnered with a skilled French baker who uses traditional sourdough techniques passed down for centuries to create the perfect loaf.

Our bread is made with only the finest ingredients and crafted using time-tested methods, ensuring that each slice is soft, flavorful, and perfectly textured. The Sourdough bread is made with a natural fermentation process that gives it a unique flavor and texture that sets it apart from other breads.

As a sandwich shop based in Bangkok, Thailand, we know that achieving this level of perfection in bread is not easy, especially when it comes to delivery. But we are constantly working on improving our delivery system to ensure that our customers receive their sandwiches in the best possible condition.

We invite you to come visit us and taste the difference that traditional, artisanal bread makes in our sandwiches. We are also working hard to make sure that you can enjoy the same great taste and quality in the comfort of your own home through our delivery service.

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